Are you a DPD pickup point?

We are! We've been working with DPD to provide this service since 2018 and lots of customers find that being away from town traffic, near the A30 and with ample free parking suits their needs really well. When you go through the usual stages of the DPD website for either sending or collecting a parcel, [...]

How does it work, if I need the forklift truck?

Should you need to move heavier duty items in and out of your steel container, a fork lift truck with driver is available for hire on our premises. Our fork lift truck service is available for use with our ground floor units. We offer the service Monday - Friday. The charge is £34 for 15 [...]

What services do you offer, overall?

Experienced staff, to support you as you work through what size unit you need and what price plan will give you the best value. Unit reservation service subject to availability of units, to help with your planning - contact us, pop in or give us a ring Packaging materials - take a look [...]

Where is the nearest cafe or pub?

There are a few pubs in Eversley village, if you're ready to have a meal before you head home at the end of a long day. You could try The Golden Pot, The Chequers or The Tally Ho. If you're looking for a cafe to have a cuppa or a quick lunch, Hartley Wintney has [...]

When I’m loading my unit, do I need to cover or wrap anything?

Yes. We recommend that you use plastic sheeting or liners to protect all fabrics, including home soft furnishings, leather sofas, fabric luggage and clothes. We sell mattress wrappers and tape - available to purchase from our office. You must also cover untreated wood either with storage blankets or plastic liners. Our units are fully weather-sealed, [...]

What about security?

Security is a central aspect of our service. Our site is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have extensive CCTV and security lighting. When the premises is closed, the perimeter is locked down and our guard dog has the run of the site, along with his human security patrol partners! Do [...]

Is there anything I can’t store?

What you store is entirely your choice, provided it's not perishable or noxious, not flammable or explosive and not illegal. If you need any advice about what you can and cannot store, call us , contact us or pop in - our staff will be able to answer any specific queries you may have.

What our customers are saying

Eversley Storage

Brilliant service, very professional. Will certainly use again.

Mr B J, Hook, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

It's been life saving!

Ms K H, London
Eversley Storage

Excellent facility, very happy. So much easier being able to drive up to the unit - would definitely use again.

Mr D E, Yateley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

The greenest storage I've ever seen! Very Useful.

Miss M D, Yateley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

We have had a family unit here for many years and a second temporary unit which we just finished with. Always first-class service and top staff.

Mr A B, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

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