We keep customers’ information on our system so that everyone who takes your call or speaks to you when you come in can pull up your details. This means that you don’t have to explain your storage needs and situation to every new person you speak to. Once you are in storage with us it is kept up to date in real time, so that anyone you speak to can see if you’ve paid your bill, rung previously to ask a question, reserved an additional unit etc.

Before you become a customer, you would generally only receive two possible communications from us, without requesting something specific – if you reserve a unit, we will email you to confirm that reservation. If you don’t take up that reservation and we don’t hear from you, we will give you a ring to see if you still need the unit held in your name, or whether you’ve moved on in your thinking and we can cancel the reservation for you. That’s it. We do not have a regular call back schedule, whereby we ring everyone who has ever expressed an interest in storage and try to talk them into making their decisions quicker! We do not have a regular email broadcast along similar lines. When you hear from us, whether it’s before you come into storage or once you are a customer, it will relate to information that is specific to your account and directly affects you – we do not spray automatically generated content into your inbox on a weekly basis!

While everything changes and business practices do develop, we would like you to know that we’ve been in the storage business since 1988 and we take an old-fashioned approach to customer communication and customer service which informs our decision-making. This is not going to change. We have had decades to observe that our storage customers are usually busy and juggling lots of different factors in their lives – this applies whether they are expanding their business, moving house, renovating their house, sustaining demanding hobbies – whatever their circumstances, we’ve never yet met the customer who would welcome a constant stream of sales orientated mail, emails or phone calls, so we don’t do it.

If you have any further queries, do pop in and see us or give us a ring 0118 932 8328.

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