Yes. We recommend that you use plastic sheeting or liners to protect all fabrics, including home soft furnishings, leather sofas, fabric luggage and clothes. We sell mattress wrappers and tape – available to purchase from our office. You must also cover untreated wood either with storage blankets or plastic liners.

Our units are fully weather-sealed, with managed ventilation. This means that you need to be very careful not to bring damp items into the unit. Always make sure that goods are scrupulously dry before you bring them into storage. So, if you have wiped or washed any fabric, it needs to be 100% dry before putting into your storage unit. Bear this in mind for any motorcycle leather, car seats or mats which you might well give a quick clean before storing and be especially careful with shoes and coats.

It is very important to put anything that might attract pests in a sealed, airtight tub. Please note that this includes candles, which are an attractive food source for all rodents, because of the fats and oils in them.

Do ask any of our friendly, experience staff for advice if you aren’t sure how to pack particular items – pop in and see us or give us a ring 0118 932 8328.

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