Please find frequently asked questions and our answers, below. If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to call us on 0118 932 8328, fill in the online contact form or pop in and see us.

Unit measurements are given length, width, height.
Measurements are external. They are generally accurate, but of course, if you are storing an item that you know is going to be very close to the maximum dimensions of your unit, you may need to come and measure precisely, before bringing the item into store.
The dimensions are given on our Sizes page, in Metric and Imperial. The cubic and squared measurements are given also.

All of the prices listed on our website include VAT at the current rate.

The shortest hire term that we offer is 1 month.

  • Use of the unit, with your own keys – you have unlimited access during our opening hours.
  • Free car parking and vehicle access right up to your unit in all but a very few cases.
  • Our security arrangements, including night time dog patrols, 24 hour lighting and CCTV.
  • Access to customer toilets and complimentary tea, coffee and squash.
  • Guest wifi access in the office.

We take a deposit when you come into store. This is to cover our costs if keys are lost or if the unit is not left vacant and clean and tidy at the end of the hire period.
Assuming everything is okay when you vacate, we will return your deposit via cheque or bank transfer within two weeks.
From your second hire period onwards, any unused days will be refunded to you, along with your deposit.

We ask for a refundable deposit of £200 for Extra Small, Small and Medium Units (4′, 8′ and 10′) and £300 for Large and Extra Large Units (20′ and 30′).

Absolutely not. Good quality, 5-lever locks, integrated fully into the unit door are standard on all of our units. We do charge you if we have to issue replacement keys after you lose them, but assuming all goes smoothly, the unit and its lock are included as part of your hire charge.

Because we are happy for you to arrange your own insurance, we do not charge you for ours.

From your second and subsequent hire period onwards, we will refund your unused days when you vacate.

Absolutely not. Drive up access is available on almost all of our units and there is no additional charge for it, whatsoever.
Our ground floor units allow you to unload directly from your vehicle. For our first floor units, the car or van can be parked right next to a mobile access platform (moveable stairs with a nice big landing at the top) so that you can unload directly from the vehicle.
Compare photos of ground and first floor access and prices.

We only reserve vacant units. Once you’re in and hiring, your unit is yours for as long as you need it. You don’t have to request a longer term. When you pass the date that you’ve paid up to, we will invoice you for the next term and you can simply continue rolling along for as long as you need to.

Payment is due in advance.
You can pay for your first term by credit or debit card.
Thereafter you can pay by card, transfer or cheque.
For monthly hire terms you must choose repeat card payments or direct debit.

Yes. All hire charges are payable in advance.

No. You can come and go as you please, during our opening hours.
This applies to all 500+ of our green steel storage units.

We ask you to insure your goods whilst you store with us.

Absolutely not. We charge for replacement keys if you lose them and for late payment, but we don’t charge an extra admin fee simply for coming in to store.

Should you need to move heavier duty items in and out of your steel container, a fork lift truck with driver is available for hire on our premises.

Our fork lift truck service is available for use with our ground floor units.

We offer the service Monday – Friday.

The charge is £34 for 15 minutes, including VAT.

Contact us in advance to book the fork lift truck and driver – we cannot always make this facility available on the day of request.

Phone us 0118 932 8328 or fill out our contact form if you would like further details.

The cost per week or per month is an illustrative figure, based on the average cost over a year. These figures are provided to help you work out which will be the best booking period for you to choose. Hire charges are due in advance – the only way to pay monthly is to take the standard monthly hire term, but many customers prefer to save up to 30% by taking a longer hire. All our prices are displayed here and you use the buttons on that page to see a monthly and weekly illustration of all of our hire charges to help you with comparisons.

Yes. We charge monthly, so if you are on a monthly contract, the direct debit or credit card payment will be drawn on roughly the same date, each time. This applies to quarterly, half yearly and yearly payments also – they will be deducted at the same point in the month that they were before, but at three-monthly, six-monthly or annual intervals. For example if you take out a quarterly hire in February, after the initial card payment in February, the first direct debit payment is taken on the 10th of May and then on the 10th of August and November and so on.

  • Experienced staff, to support you as you work through what size unit you need and what price plan will give you the best value.
  • Unit reservation service subject to availability of units, to help with your planning – contact us, pop in or give us a ring 0118 932 8328
  • Packaging materials – take a look at our range of products. We offer good quality boxes, tape, pens and wrapping materials. Our storage blankets and mattress bags are especially useful items both while you’re storing/moving and then later, around home in the loft, garage or even while decorating.
  • Sack trollies for you to borrow.
  • Fork lift truck & driver service available for hire onsite.
  • Drive up, direct access units as standard.
  • Information about van hire and removals companies who will be able to help you.
  • Free guest wifi in the office.
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and orange squash – just pop into the office and help yourself.

Need something else? Ask in reception and we’ll do our best to help or point you in the right direction!

We keep customers’ information on our system so that everyone who takes your call or speaks to you when you come in can pull up your details. This means that you don’t have to explain your storage needs and situation to every new person you speak to. Once you are in storage with us it is kept up to date in real time, so that anyone you speak to can see if you’ve paid your bill, rung previously to ask a question, reserved an additional unit etc.

Before you become a customer, you would generally only receive two possible communications from us, without requesting something specific – if you reserve a unit, we will email you to confirm that reservation. If you don’t take up that reservation and we don’t hear from you, we will give you a ring to see if you still need the unit held in your name, or whether you’ve moved on in your thinking and we can cancel the reservation for you. That’s it. We do not have a regular call back schedule, whereby we ring everyone who has ever expressed an interest in storage and try to talk them into making their decisions quicker! We do not have a regular email broadcast along similar lines. When you hear from us, whether it’s before you come into storage or once you are a customer, it will relate to information that is specific to your account and directly affects you – we do not spray automatically generated content into your inbox on a weekly basis!

While everything changes and business practices do develop, we would like you to know that we’ve been in the storage business since 1988 and we take an old-fashioned approach to customer communication and customer service which informs our decision-making. This is not going to change. We have had decades to observe that our storage customers are usually busy and juggling lots of different factors in their lives – this applies whether they are expanding their business, moving house, renovating their house, sustaining demanding hobbies – whatever their circumstances, we’ve never yet met the customer who would welcome a constant stream of sales orientated mail, emails or phone calls, so we don’t do it.

Absolutely. We keep all our original customer feedback sheets and if we select a review to place online, we contact the customer first, in writing and check that they are happy to have their review posted publicly.

Whenever a customer vacates a storage unit, we offer them an exit questionnaire which gives them the opportunity to score us up to five stars on five key elements of our service:

  • Cleanliness of premises
  • Cleanliness of storage unit
  • Helpfulness of staff
  • Security
  • Opening Hours

They are then invited to write any suggestions for improvement and/or positive feedback.

If you have any feedback to give us or issues that you would like to raise, we would very much like to hear from you. Fill out the contact form, call us on 0118 932 8328 or pop in and see us.

No. Our units will take cars and some other vehicles but they are not large enough to accommodate a caravan or a motor home.

There are a few pubs in Eversley village, if you’re ready to have a meal before you head home at the end of a long day. You could try The Golden Pot, The Chequers or The Tally Ho.

If you’re looking for a cafe to have a cuppa or a quick lunch, Hartley Wintney has several nice cafes – for takeaway sandwiches you could try Warings Bakery or to sit down and have something both the Courtyard Cafe which is at the back of Hartley Antiques and the Costa are easy to find on the village high street. There is also a convenience store in Eversley Village centre called Centre Stores which stocks snacks and drinks.

(Please note that these are not formal recommendations and we have no association with these businesses. The Marketing Manager has shopped in or eaten in all of them, but not regularly, so we cannot comment as to the continuing quality of the establishments.)

Yes. We recommend that you use plastic sheeting or liners to protect all fabrics, including home soft furnishings, leather sofas, fabric luggage and clothes. We sell mattress wrappers and tape – available to purchase from our office. You must also cover untreated wood either with storage blankets or plastic liners.

Always make sure that goods are scrupulously dry before you bring them into storage. So, if you have wiped or washed any fabric, it needs to be 100% dry before putting into your storage unit. Bear this in mind for any car seats or mats which you might well give a quick clean before storing.

Do ask any of our friendly, experience staff for advice if you aren’t sure how to pack particular items.

We don’t, but there are a number of local removals firms using Eversley Storage, who we can put you in touch with. Just call, pop in or fill in our online contact form, to ask for details.

Security is a central aspect of our service.
Our site is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have extensive CCTV and security lighting. When the premises is closed, the perimeter is locked down and our guard dog has the run of the site, along with his human security patrol partners!
Do have a look at our Security page to find out more about our security arrangements. If you have any particular queries that you would like to discuss, just pop in or give us a ring – we’d be delighted to explain further.

What you store is entirely your choice, provided it’s not perishable or noxious, not flammable or explosive and not illegal.

If you need any advice about what you can and cannot store, call us 0118 932 8328, contact us or pop in – our staff will be able to answer any specific queries you may have.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 7:30am - 6:00pm*
Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sun 10:00am - 4:00pm
Bank Holidays 10:00am - 4:00pm

*Late nights Thu & Fri (Apr - Sept)

You just need to check over the Christmas and New Year period for any variations. See our Opening Hours page for details.

Our units are purpose-built for self-storage and have significant differences from shipping containers. The locks are internalised and are strong five lever locks. There is additional venting and insulation to protect your goods.

No. But our premises are well-lit.
If you know that you’ll be here at the end of the working day, during winter quite a lot, so you might need lighting inside your unit, there are rechargeable work lights on the market, which one or two of our business customers use.

Of course children are welcome, but you must take great care that an adult is on hand to accompany and supervise them at all times, because every part of the external premises are accessed by cars, we have a number of lorries manoeuvring onsite on a daily basis and there are forklift truck movements, often dealing with bulky or heavy loads.

Children should not use the mobile access platforms.

Absolutely. All customers are welcome to use our customer toilets, make a drink in the customer kitchen where there is complimentary tea, coffee and squash. We also offer guest wifi services inside the office building.

No. Part of our security set up is that once the premises are closed, the site is locked down and the dog is let out.
We do however offer late night opening on Thursdays and Fridays during the summer – our full opening hours are here.

Call us, request a call back, fill in our contact form or pop in. Our friendly, experienced storage sales team would be delighted to answer any queries and help you work out what storage you need.

Visit our jobs page to see details of current vacancies.
Even if nothing is currently available, we do, from time to time, have vacancies – part time and full time. The roles are within our:

  • Eversley Storage sales team
  • Premises and office cleaning team
  • Security team
  • Greenford Park Homes Management team
  • Workshop team
  • Office admin team

If you are interested and want to send us your CV, please email jobs@greenfords.co.uk
Tell us which roles you are interested in and what hours you can work.

Please visit the van hire page which gives details of a van hire company who we are happy to refer you to. We work with them regularly and you can arrange with them to collect or drop off your van at Eversley. Do ask our storage managers if you would like further help.

Subject to staff availability and an hourly rate, you can hire one of our trusted workshop staff to help you with your loading and unloading. Please ask our storage managers for more information.

  • If you are using direct debit to pay, drop us a line to let us know when you are planning to go, so that we can make sure that the system stops drawing your payments after you’ve vacated.
  • Empty the unit completely of all of your things.
  • Then pop into the office with your keys.
  • The vacation process takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. Your hire term will be ended, you can give details of whether you would like to receive your deposit refund and refund of any unused days (this applies only to your second and subsequent terms) by cheque or bank transfer.
  • Deposits are returned within a fortnight.

When you sign up and make your first payment, we will give you the keys.
You can then come and go as you please during office hours. Just drive in, drive up, unlock and you’re in!
Of course do pop into the office if you need to purchase packaging materials, use the loos, make a cuppa or use the guest wifi.

Of course you can.

Click here to see details of our full packaging range, all of which can be purchased on site.

The nearest household waste centre is the Springwell Lane site at Hartley Wintney, approx 2.5 miles from Eversley Storage

Details of what waste you are permitted to leave with them can be found here. There is also a link on that page to check whether you need to apply for a permit to use the dump – at the time of writing, no permit was required for cars or 4x4s and there was no charge for the permit needed for commercial vehicles.

Firstly, measure your largest item, to get your minimum height and length of unit. Then visit our Sizes page, to see illustrations of approximate capacity related to house and vehicle size or for businesses, numbers of pallets or archive boxes that can be accommodated etc.

Many of our customers do make these changes. Subject to availability, upsizing, downsizing or taking additional units can be easily arranged.
Do take a look at our Storage Unit Sizes page to work out which size unit is right for your current needs.

The main considerations for this are price, loading or unloading and access.
First floor units are cheaper, but are accessed via a moveable flight of stairs. If you have a company helping you to load your items or your items are not especially large or heavy, a first floor unit might represent better value. But if you are doing all your loading yourself and have large, heavy items of furniture, first floor storage might not suit you so well and a ground floor unit would be more convenient for you.
Do come and have a look to get an idea of how you would get on. Our sales staff will be happy to show you the access arrangements for a first floor unit so that you can choose for yourself.

Our storage containers offer an excellent alternative to room self-storage. Almost all of our units are direct-access, meaning that you can drive right up to them and there is no additional charge whatsoever for this. Our prices compare extremely favourably. We are located out of town, on a main road so you don’t have to struggle with town traffic to get to us and there’s plenty of space for vehicles of all sizes.

All of our units, with the exception of the Extra Small size, have an 8 foot double doorway on the front. Both doors open fully to allow easy access for large items. There is a step up into the unit, but we can provide ramps if you are intending to store a car.
The doorway of the Extra Small unit is 4 foot wide.
Do visit and ask to see our show unit, to get a good idea of how it would be to load and unload. We have a tape measure that you can borrow if you need to take particular measurements.

Yes. Below you will find a video of us tucking our Marketing Manager’s car away in one of our units!

Here you will find an article about Classic Car Storage at Eversley Storage

Do come and measure if you need to check the width of the car will be accommodated.

We have customers storing classic and luxury cars, ride-on garden equipment such as mowers, quad bikes and motorcycles. If you would like to store a vehicle taller than a standard car, you would need to measure carefully to make sure that it can be accommodated – do pop in if you need to ask questions or look at a unit yourself.

No, we don’t – our largest unit is the 30 footer. Information about all our sizes is here.

If you need more space, our friendly, experienced staff are happy to talk through what combination of units would suit you.

We have a small number of extra small units that are 8′ high and deep but only 4′ wide. These are equivalent to a large understairs cupboard (but they are 8′ high all the way back, so there’s no chance of bumping your forehead on the underside of the staircase!) or a modest garden shed. They are very popular and are an excellent price. Head over to our sizes page for more information…

Customers store a wide variety of items, including household and office furniture, document or archive storage, out of season garden tools or sports equipment, computers.
Go to our Sizes page to get an idea of the storage space in each unit and do check the dimensions or call us for advice if you need to store something very large.

We have business customers storing all sorts of things, including:

  • Large plant machinery like snowblowers and ride on mowers
  • Plumbing supplies and spares
  • New and used clothes and toys
  • Christmas decorations
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Sports equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Classic cars
  • Archive filing
  • The previous generation of computer hardware

We have household customers storing loads of different things, including:

  • Garden furniture or outdoor toys for children during autumn and winter
  • Golf clubs
  • Skiing paraphernalia
  • House contents for a move
  • House contents for a downsize
  • House contents during a renovation or extension
  • Bicycles


Whenever we have availability, we will be delighted to reserve you a unit up to a few weeks in advance. You can call us or fill in our online booking form.

If you need to check availability but aren’t quite ready to commit to a reservation, give us a ring any time and we’ll give you snapshot of what we have available in the sizes that interest you.

For a household contract:

  • 2 forms of ID with your name and address, one of which should be a photo ID (eg driving licence or passport)
  • Payment by in by credit or debit card – for your hire charge and deposit – payment is in advance

For a business contract:

  • Photo ID for the person signing the contract
  • 2 forms of ID with the name and address, for your business
  • Payment by in by credit or debit card – for your hire charge and deposit – payment is in advance


Firstly, consider your costs – assuming that you are now out of any introductory discount period – what is your monthly charge?
Click to see our full price list, which shows the weekly and monthly cost of all of our price plans – we allow you to pay in advance quarterly, half-yearly or yearly to dramatically reduce costs.

Secondly, consider the benefits and disadvantages of your current storage arrangements and give us a ring to see if our storage would suit you better. Our experienced, friendly team will be happy to chat through your concerns and work out whether we can offer what you’re looking for.

We get asked this quite a lot, especially by customers who aren’t bringing their goods in themselves…

We need you to come and sign the contract in person, so that we can take a photo of you (for security purposes) and witness that your photo ID is valid. Although this might seem inconvenient, when you think about it, you wouldn’t want just anyone to be able to ring up or walk in and take out a contract in your name, without us verifying that it’s you and all completely above board.

You must be 18 years old or over, to hire a unit.

This is best practice recommended by the Self Storage Association and Hampshire Constabulary’s Anti Terrorism Policy. It protects us against customers who are committing identity fraud but most importantly, it protects you – we know who are customers are, we take steps to ensure that they are genuine and that as far as we can be, we are satisfied that they are using their storage unit for standard household and business storage.

We offer discounts for customers signing up for 3 months or longer. In your second or subsequent period of hire, we will refund you any unused days when you vacate.
Whenever you renew, you can change your hire term if you would like to.