How are your dimensions given?

Unit measurements are given length, width, height. Measurements are external. They are generally accurate, but of course, if you are storing an item that you know is going to be very close to the maximum dimensions of your unit, you may need to come and measure precisely, before bringing the item into store. If you [...]

How much space do I need?

Firstly, measure your largest item, to get your minimum height and length of unit. Then visit our Sizes page, to see illustrations of approximate capacity related to house and vehicle size or for businesses, numbers of pallets or archive boxes that can be accommodated etc. If you have any other queries, do pop in and [...]

What if I need more space, or less?

Many of our customers do make these changes. Subject to availability, we can easily arrange upsizing, downsizing or taking additional units. Do take a look at our Storage Unit Sizes page to work out which size unit is right for your current needs or call our friendly storage experts now on .

Should I hire a first floor unit or a ground floor unit?

The main considerations for this are price, loading or unloading and access. First floor units are cheaper, but are accessed via a moveable flight of stairs. If you have a company helping you to load your items or your items are not especially large or heavy, a first floor unit might represent better value. But [...]

How do your storage units compare to room storage?

Our storage containers offer an excellent alternative to room self-storage. Almost all of our units are direct-access, meaning that you can drive right up to them and there is no additional charge whatsoever for this. Our prices compare extremely favourably. We are located out of town, on a main road so you don't have to [...]

How big are the doorways to the units?

All of our units, with the exception of the Extra Small size, have an 8 foot double doorway on the front. Both doors open fully to allow easy access for large items. There is a step up into the unit, but we can provide ramps if you are intending to store a car. Do visit [...]

Can I store a car in a storage unit?

Yes. Below you will find a video of us tucking our Marketing Manager's car away in one of our units! Here you will find an article about Classic Car Storage at Eversley Storage Do come and measure if you need to check the width of the car will be accommodated or give us a [...]

What types of vehicle can I store?

We have customers storing classic and luxury cars, ride-on garden equipment such as mowers, quad bikes and motorcycles. If you would like to store a vehicle taller than a standard car, you would need to measure carefully to make sure that it can be accommodated - do pop in if you need to ask questions [...]

Do you have 40′ units?

No, we don't - our largest unit is the 30 footer. Information about all our sizes is here. If you need more space, our friendly, experienced staff are happy to talk through what combination of units would suit you - pop in and see us or give us a ring .

What our customers are saying

Eversley Storage

Brilliant service, very professional. Will certainly use again.

Mr B J, Hook, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

It's been life saving!

Ms K H, London
Eversley Storage

Excellent facility, very happy. So much easier being able to drive up to the unit - would definitely use again.

Mr D E, Yateley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

The greenest storage I've ever seen! Very Useful.

Miss M D, Yateley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

We have had a family unit here for many years and a second temporary unit which we just finished with. Always first-class service and top staff.

Mr A B, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

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