One of the storage solutions we offer at Eversley Storage is our warehouse storage. This is particularly suited to removals firms. There are two ways to make use of it; we can use our forklift truck to load empty wooden warehouse boxes onto your lorry, you can then drive them to the customer’s property, loading the box while it’s on the lorry. Then, when you return to Eversley Storage, we can use our forklift truck to place the loaded boxes in the warehouse.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a lorry suitable for loading the wooden boxes, we can take them out of the warehouse for you and you can load them from your lorry. We have a number of removals companies who choose to do this, rather than use steel storage units, because the cost of the warehouse storage is so very competitive.

It is important that your customers understand that this is ‘deep storage’ in that there is a forklift movement charge if they wish to access their wooden boxes during the hire period. If they are going to need to regularly get to their things during the storage period, then the steel storage units would suit them far better..

How big are the boxes?

The wooden warehouse boxes are 5’2″ wide, 8′ high and 7’2″ deep (1.59m x 2.44m x 2.19m).

Square footage is 37.03 sq ft (3.48 sq m)

Cubic capacity is 280.79 cu ft (8.08 cu m)

Please note that these are external dimensions and are an approximate guide.

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Our warehouse was fully refurbished in 2016, including the installation of a brand new roof. This is a safe, secure way to keep your customers’ goods at the lowest possible cost. We know that keeping your quotes competitive is critical to winning each contract and we are committed to supporting our longstanding removals firms’ business. Please do call or pop in and speak to us about our offering for removals firms.

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