Need extra space for your clothes? Running out of wardrobe space? Wish you had the luxury of a walk in wardrobe at home? Wondering how to store summer clothes easily? Find yourself googling life hacks for making more space in your wardrobe?

Driving yourself mad, trying to copy those ‘how to fold a jacket down to the size of a handkerchief’ videos?! It looks so easy, but it’s just super annoying!

Our extra small units might be the answer!

Since we launched our Extra Small units, we’ve got a group of customers who store their seasonal wardrobe with us. Around this time of year, they come in to pick up all their lovely warm coats, jumpers, trousers and boots. They then store their summer dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, shoes and bags. Most of these customers are ladies who have to be smart for work, so they are effectively running two wardrobes for each season – a casual one and a suits and heels one. We don’t have any chaps storing winter and summer wardrobes to date but we are ready and waiting for sartorially demanding dudes who need help accommodating their collection of different weight suit jackets and smart shoes!

seasonal cycling summer clothes winter clothes

Organisation is key

Chatting to these ladies, their organisation is impressive. They usually have several rails in the unit that they cover with plastic sheets, to keep the clothes pristine. They’ve got shoes in their boxes (one even has stacks of clear boxes arranged according to heel height #lifegoals). They use those little silica gel sachets to keep shoes and bags fresh. They’ve got lists of what’s at home and what’s in the unit. One lady told me that she uses the wardrobe changeover weekend to do a review of the wardrobe she’s about to bring home and swings by the charity shop on the way home to pass on anything she feels won’t get well-used this year. We do love a bit of sustainable fashion – reuse and recycle.

space to store summer clothes

Not just clothes and accessories

Another lady told us that she’s also started boxing up seasonal toiletries – so all her sun creams are boxed up alongside beach towels and an inflatable flamingo lilo! From the very start, most of these customers have been popping their suitcases in the unit to free up space at home. There’s plenty of space to store summer or winter weight duvets and bed linens – vacuum bags are great for this. If you use fans during the summer, why not box them up and pop them in your unit – better than having them gathering dust in the corner of the spare room for 9 months of the year!


We all want to use our clothes for longer – it’s better value and it’s better for the environment. Clearing out clothes that you know you’ll use and enjoy, because you’re running out of space is infuriating. In the UK, even in the South East, the weather means that we need completely different clothes to be comfortable in 35 degree heat in summer and mornings that frequently see temperatures dip below freezing in the winter. Cycling your wardrobe is an excellent solution to the problem of space and the demands of the seasons.

eco friendly clothes cycling

Excuse this little fella – he’s not actually cycling his wardrobe with us, but he’s super ready for autumn weather, so he’s here…

Life hacks for using self storage for seasonal wardrobe cycling

Make an organisational decision and stick to it – you could group items according to colour, category (jumpers, jackets, trousers), season (lightweight knits, heavy sweaters) or use (work, casual) – whatever will make sense to you for both winter and summer items. You don’t want to run two systems at once.

Set aside time to clean, dry and thoroughly air your clothes before you bring them to store.

Don’t miss coats and shoes – these need to be clean and dry before you store them for a long period – here or at home!

Always store shoes in their own separate boxes, away from all other clothing.

Set aside time to freshen up the clothes when they come out of store – they might need washing or airing to be ready to wear, after they’ve spent six months packed tightly in your unit.

Use lists or photos to capture what you’ve got at home and what you’ve got in store.

Invest in plastic boxes with tight lids and rails with plastic covers, to protect your things and keep them in great condition.

Consider what else you might like to store in your unit – even the extra small is a pretty big space and you can fit in a lot more than just a couple of wardrobe rails…

Thinking about it?

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What our customers are saying

We have used your services previously & as ever, the service from staff & the secured storage that you provide has been nothing but absolutely outstanding. Each & every staff member to answer the phone has been just joyous to deal with. We shall highly recommend your staff & services with 5*+ rating

Mrs J W, Fleet, Hampshire

I have been a customer of Eversley Storage for some 20 years. They offer secure, reasonably priced facilities accompanied by excellent service from friendly and helpful staff. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Sir Gerald Howarth, former MP for Aldershot, Hampshire

Fantastic service and facilities, highly recommended!

Mr B G, Yateley, Hampshire

To all the staff at Eversley Storage, thank you for looking after me so well this year and keeping whats valuable to me safe. You have given me great peace of mind. Thank you.

Mr B E, Guildford, Surrey

I have used the site for a number of years, both for business and personal use and have always been happy. The staff are unfailingly friendly and helpful.

Mrs M D, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire