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These are tips suggested by our storage managers and customers. We hope you find them helpful.

Top tip 1 – Battle Box

You need a ‘battle box’ if you are moving house, or doing an extension. It needs the critical stuff in it – the vital keys, the paperwork you are going to need, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, kettle, telephone numbers and the mobile charger – the things you can’t lay your hands on when your routine is disrupted.

Top tip 2 – Book movers asap

Over and over again, customers say, if you need a removals company, sort it out as early as you can. Good companies can get rather booked up.

Top tip 3 – Make an inventory, write on your boxes

Make a list of what you have stored in your unit. Leave a copy of the list in the storage unit.

Label every box on the side and on the top. Some people recommend labels on two sides of the box, rather than the top.

Leave the labels visible as you store. You remember where things are to start with, but what about after a few weeks or months?

Don’t forget we sell pens and other packing essentials

Top tip 4 – Ideally label boxes with the final destination room 

If you can, label which room or office the boxes are going to. It saves you lugging boxes about unnecessarily when you come out of store.

Top tip 5 – Heavy boxes at the bottom, lighter boxes on top

Don’t stack heavy boxes on ones which are lighter. It may be fine to start with but over time, the boxes underneath may get crushed.

Don’t just take our word for it…

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Third stint of storage - always a very high standard.

Mr R W, Hook, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

I was very pleased with everything.

Mrs M T, Yateley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

Thank you so much for your kindness, efficiency and professionalism.

Mrs L T, Wrecclesham, Surrey
Eversley Storage

I would use Eversley Storage again and recommend to all my friends!

Mr J S, Eversley, Hampshire
Eversley Storage

Top place!

Mr C S, Hurst, nr Reading

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