Removals companies use storage for their house-moving customers, a lot. Just a nights’ gap in the chain can cause havoc without somewhere to safely keep the belongings of the seller who gets caught in that gap.

Cheap storage for removals companies

House movers need short term storage for a range of reasons…

…from a few days to a few weeks

a) At the end of the chain, funds sometimes don’t go through in time, for the end of the day

b) Immediately prior to exchange, someone loses their purchase, but they still opt to go through with their own sale, leaving them needing to move out, rent for a few months and continue with their house hunting

c) Immediately prior to exchange, someone loses their purchase, but they still opt to move, finding another house but needing to stay with family for a week or two before they can get the completion on the new place

Removals storage, removal storage

d) Downsizers often use storage facilities with removals firms – wanting half their stuff moved into the new place and half taken into storage for a month or two while they get sorted out

e) Downsizers sometimes decide to move from their large property into two, so they complete on their smart little flat and want half their stuff taken into storage for a fortnight and then moved into their cottage on the coast once they complete on that

How can Eversley Storage help you help your customer?

Customers needing short term stopover storage can be very cost sensitive – our warehouse pricing gives you the competitive edge. Call 0118 932 8328 to find out more.

These sorts of scenarios occur regularly, often at short notice, with an urgent customer need for a straightforward solution from their removals firm.

Working with Eversley Storage enables you to offer your customer a well-tailored solution to a problem that is a source of great worry and uncertainty for them. This ability to smoothly solve these issues makes your firm recommendable, increases customer trust and satisfaction.

We’re a small family business, ourselves. We are very supportive of our removals firms and we want you to be able to get the work that you quote for, at whatever notice, so we will go the extra mile to accommodate your customer’s goods.

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