Since the 1980s, through economic rise and fall, storage depots have been popping up all over the place, especially in the South East. More and more people need self storage for a whole variety of reasons – so what’s driving this growth?

Extra Space

A storage unit offers valuable overflow space, with many people using it as if it were an extra room or garage. No matter how much you love your home, many of us dream of a bit more space and self storage provides this, without committing to building or moving. It also offers an answer to short term pressure on space, storing the kids’ student stuff over the summer, or for protecting your things during redecoration or extension.

Lots of storage customers organise their things in their unit so that, over time, they can offer them to family or put them up on eBay. It’s all part of looking after your stuff and yourselves when money is a bit tight.

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Working from home without living at work

Working from home is an opportunity to be your own boss, work flexibly and pursue your passions. However, it can also leave you with your printer and scanner on the kitchen table, your business archives under the bed and next season’s stock stacked down the side of the sofa!

Many business customers really make the storage unit their own – shelving it out, using it for general storage, for seasonal stock and to take advantage of bulk-buy deals without suddenly overwhelming their work space.

Drive up access to the unit makes it easy to pick up stock or supplies on the way to work.

We know there’s a lot of choice, but we think you should consider us…

Why? Cost, security, convenience, access, service.

  • Consistent, competitive prices, clearly published online – fantastic discounts when you book 3 months or more…these discounts are always available, every time you renew.
  • Drive-up access available direct to your unit.
  • A mile from the A30 on the A327 in an out of town location and only 10 minutes’ drive from Hook.

We’ve been offering storage since 1988 and service, consistency and good value are central to everything we do.

This article was written by Cath Hammond, the Marketing Manager for Eversley Storage and published in the May 2011 edition of the Whitewater Benefice magazine and has been reproduced, here.

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