The overnight security officer takes over from the day team, locks down the site and is responsible for the premises until half an hour after opening up the following morning.


All shifts are a combination of active duty and resting time, with a £12 per hour active duty rate and a reduced rate for resting time. All shifts are a minimum of £100.00 pay per shift.

Week A:

  • Overnight Wednesday starting 6.15pm and finishing at 8am Thursday
  • Overnight Thursday starting at 6.15pm and finishing at 8am Friday
  • Overnight Friday starting at 6.15pm and finishing at 8.30am Saturday

Week B:

  • Overnight Tuesday starting at 6.15pm and finishing at 8am Wednesday
  • Overnight Wednesday starting at 6.15pm and finishing at 8am Thursday

Monthly average income, before additional shifts offered, for cover: £1,098.02 gross, before tax and other deductions

For full details download the Alpha Shift Pattern role guide.

What about the other shift pattern?

See the details of the other pattern available, which is 4 shifts per fortnight.

To apply, please email your CV to and don’t forget we will need your email address and contact phone number so that we can get in touch with you!

This lovely woof who is a German Shepherd/Malinois/Dutch Herder cross is one of our current team of two dogs. She is full of beans and fiercely protective of the premises and her handlers and a really great colleague! She is looking forward to meeting you if you are invited to interview and has prepared her own list of questions, which mostly focus on tennis balls.