This page gives you the role guide for the Overnight Security Officers.

Find out about the pay and shift pattern for:

Main Duties of the Overnight Security Officer at Eversley Storage

  • To work for the Storage Manager on site, carrying out security duties and working with the security dogs at the premises
  • To conduct regular patrols with the security dogs in line with the training and documentation provided
  • To contribute to the dogs’ training programme in line with company policy and care for the company dogs while you are on duty
  • To learn how to operate various locking and alarm systems and follow a lock down and open up routine accurately
  • To take on-site responsibility seriously, remaining vigilant and responsive when not out on patrol and to monitor CCTV during your breaks in active duty
  • To be able to react in an emergency and notify emergency services and others
  • To carry out such other duties as will reasonably assist and promote the interests of the business
  • To attend monthly Security Team meetings at 5pm on a mutually agreed weekday and to work well with colleagues

We are looking for someone who is

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Loyal and reliable
  • Comfortable working with large dogs and who will enjoy forming a bond with them
  • Physically fit to a reasonable standard
  • Able to inspire confidence and trust in customers and staff
  • A reliable and friendly member of the security team, able to work well with colleagues
  • Able to communicate with the general public
  • Able to apply a common sense understanding of health and safety issues
  • Committed to preserving and upholding the principle of confidentiality at all times
  • Focused on the best interests of the company at all times

Please note: there is no experience required for this role; full training will be provided.


Decide whether you are interested in 4 shifts per fortnight or 5 shifts per fortnight.


Send us your CV to – don’t forget we need your email address and telephone number, so we can get in touch.

The start date for the role is March 1st 2024